The Venus Factor GURU

Hello, the following presentation does not apply to men and its only for women that want to lose at least ten pounds. This presentation shares breakthrough tips proven to help women lose weight fast where they need to most and how to keep it off for good.You’re about to hear from a World class expert in nutrition,Physiology and Biology that’s though human performance at the University of Florida and has dedicated his entire life to the study of fat loss and the human body.Hi, I’m John Barban, And today, I’m going to share what new research shows to be why. While you may find it so much more difficult to lose weight and keep it off compared to men. And more importantly, you’ll see a simple easy-to-implement strategy used by women in this video to vanish unwanted body fat that may help you do the same if you began using it today. Using this strategy, you may easily find yourself slipping into dress sizes you never thought possible. Which I know may sound far fetched to you just as it did for all of these women that have done it using this strategy. But I promise its not. So just keep watching the Venus Factor video. You’ll also see how this strategy can enable you to continue eating some of the foods you crave most and still experience a slimmer sexier waistline. Plus,you’ll also learn which common foods touted as healthy can make even losing a single pound extremely difficult for women. Now I totally get it if you think you’ve heard and tried it all when it comes to dieting and weight loss.But I completely guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before.And I promise you’re about to be totally amazed.Just be sure to watch this brand new presentation of the Venus Factor now because it definitely won’t be online or free for long. So make sure you watch it while you can. Listen, before we go any further this has nothing to do with silly exercise machines, cardio or pre packaged diets or what ever weird berry pill the diet industry’s talking about these days. This is something completely different and you’re going to love it. Really quickly, a little tidbit about me you may not already know: In the last ten years if you’ve taken any effective supplements by any of the worlds brand names,chances are you’ve seen my work. Now before you start thinking this tip has something to do with a supplement, let me stop you right there because it doesn’t. I only mention this because I discovered this unique tip during the time I was consulting for the company that makes the number one selling weight loss supplement in the world for women. I was doing extensive research on female metabolism when I stumbled upon something so shocking,and so ground breaking that I knew it could help make fat burning easier for women forever. Which is what I’ll be sharing with you in just a few moments. First, I’d like to introduce you to someone I’m very proud of. My sister Lisa. To be perfectly honest she is the real reason I was even studying the female metabolism so passionately in the first place.You see Lisa has always been one of the most important women in my life. Ever since we were kids she’s always looked out for me and has been there for me when I needed anything. She really is the best sister a brother could ask for. And when my sister reached out to me for help with her weight,I felt like the worst failure in the world  when I couldn’t help her. You see none of my degrees or world class certifications gave me what I needed to help Lisa achieve the true,long term weight loss she deserved. The way I’ve been fortunate enough to do for thousands of men across the globe including my self with the cutting edge programs I’ve offered.And to see my sister whom I absolutely adore suffer with her health and negative self-image issues because of her weight was heart-breaking. It got to the point she seemed ashamed to even order food at restaurants. Yet, I sincerely believed with all of my heart if she could solve her weight problem. It would positively effect every part of her life and relationships like it did for me. Now our family comes from a long line of bad genetics.